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Thinking about booking a catered chalet in Chamonix next season?

Chamonix Mont Blanc is a summer and winter holiday destination popular the world over, and it’s not difficult to see why. A huge diversity of languages and cultures can be identified in this ancient mountain town, but there is one common theme that brings them all together; a love for mountaineering and the legends and ethics that go with it.

Situated at 1035m above sea level, Chamonix is the largest of four mountain towns that run the length of the valley from Servoz (780m) to Le Tour at 2200m, but it is the fact that it sits right at the foot of the infamous Mont Blanc that gives it it’s well-deserved title of Extreme Sports Capital of the World.  Adventurers can find themselves elevated to 3842m within minutes, thanks to the lift systems of the Aiguille du Midi, enabling them to access the phenomenal high mountain terrain of the Mont Blanc Massif.

A huge range of activities are on offer in Chamonix, from climbing and mountaineering, to snowboarding and skiing.  Each activity offers a range of levels from beginner to hard core professional, making the sports available so accessible and enjoyable to tourists from all walks of life. Whether you are a family staying in a luxury chalet, or a group of friends sharing a Chamonix ski apartment, you are sure to enjoy this wonderful place.

But Chamonix is not just considered an extreme sport destination.  It is a wonderful town, full of energy, history and beauty.  When two young British aristocrats William Windham and Richard Pocock happened upon ‘Chamouni’ in 1741, they had no idea that their visit to this small mountain village would have an impact on the whole of Europe.  Their tales of the mysterious Mer de Glace attracted wealthy tourists from all over.

Chamonix ski accommodation has quite a history, with the first guest house opened in 1770, marking the beginning of the hotel trade, and the momentum has progressed since then.  The first luxury hotel was built in 1816 and the hotel industry continued to thrive throughout the 1800s, spurned on by the development of the tourism industry, the creation of the Compagnie des Guides, and the opening of the Montenvers Mer de Glace railway in 1908.  The early 1900s saw the opening of three spectacular palaces, and during the next six years 39 other hotels were opened.

The world-wide recognition of this little mountain town and it’s big mountains went from strength to strength, and in 1924 it proudly hosted the first Winter Olympic games.  This saw the need for better access to the mountains for tourists, and the Glacier cable cars, Brevent, Aiguille du Midi and Flegere cable cars were opened. Today, there are four main ski areas, and access to all of them is included on the Chamonix Ski Pass.

Chamonix town has grown under the influence of tourism, and has developed over several different architectural periods, which can be seen in it’s diverse heritage of wonderful historical buildings of traditional farmhouses and ancient churches, which contrast against art deco facades, and stunning modern Chamonix luxury chalets – all of which come together to contribute towards Chamonix’s unique charm.

Today, tourists come from far and wide to experience this wonderful place.  It is enjoyed by all during the summer months as well as the winter. Typical winter ski holidays are enjoyed here in the traditional way, with plenty of Chamonix catered chalets available to choose from.

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Own a ski chalet in Chamonix – Fancy a swap?

Do you own a Chamonix ski chalet or ski apartment? Ever fancied trying out a new resort? Well now’s your chance, thanks to a new organization that has recently been launched. This fantastic new website enables chalet owners to effectively swap their ski accommodation with other owners with a similar desire to discover new ski resorts.

It is probably the main disadvantage to owning your own Chamonix accommodation – it limits you to exploring just that one ski resort, and after a few visits you are likely to want to broaden your horizons and discover new territories. The trouble is the amount of time and cost involved in sourcing and renting ski accommodation in the new resort – it defeats the purpose of owning your own second home.

Well, Snowswappers offers the perfect solution to this problem. It is a home owners club exclusively for people who own property in ski resorts around the world. It offers an introductory service, bringing together owners of ski chalets and ski apartments in various resorts, who love their own home but would relish the chance to try something different every now and then. The owners communicate with each other, with the intent of swapping their homes for a holiday period, and will allow people the opportunity of experiencing a Chamonix ski holiday without incurring the extra accommodation costs they would otherwise be facing.

This fantastic service came about when two ski chalet owners realised that they themselves faced this issue, and saw the need for a way of owners finding each other and making contact.

“I saw a gap in the market for myself as I own an apartment in a French ski resort. I love skiing there, but I also want to explore new areas, although because of the extra cost, it just didn’t seem worth it. Swapping with other like-minded people means that I can now ski in other resorts in accommodation that costs me nothing,” said the co-founder of Snowswappers, Tessa Regan.

How does it work? Snowswappers acts as an intermediary between owners, enabling them to see what accommodation is on offer in their desired resort. They can then communicate with each other, and if a reciprocal match is found, then the sway will be facilitated.

Who is Snowswappers aimed at? – Anybody who owns a property in a ski resort, and is looking to save money. – People who live in their ski property and would like to save money on their holiday accommodation by having another family occupy their home while they are away. – Second home-owners who always feel they should make use of the Chamonix Apartment they bought, but wish they could experience somewhere new.

In this day and age, most people realize they need to be smart with their money, and very few can afford the luxury of leaving their Chamonix Chalet unused while they try out different resorts. Those who occupy their ski chalets full time are now offered the chance to take a holiday elsewhere without any holiday accommodation costs – a fantastic opportunity by any standards.

How do I sign up? There is an annual membership fee of £39. Upon paying this fee, the member is granted access to the website which features every property, and also to the website’s facility for contacting other members and arranging the swaps. There are of course many important issues that must be addressed prior to agreeing a home swap, such as damage deposits, who pays for utility bills, etc. You can find information on all of these issues on the Snowswappers website. So home owners, get your Chamonix Chalets registered and begin hunting for your next holiday destination now!

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